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Deborah Miller Clothing Appraisals

Professional Opinion of Value

A written appraisal may not best serve every client’s needs. Perhaps a client just wants “to know what they have” or “if it’s worth selling or keeping”. Ms. Miller recommends a verbal Professional Opinion of Value (POV) when she determines that a formal written report is not necessary.  The client is responsible for supplying excellent detailed images of the item(s) along with supporting family documentation or extant original receipts. Completing her research, Ms. Miller will give the client a verbal POV by phone and discuss the following:


- Interpretation of market trends

- Review of auction and retail prices

- Recommendations as to the best outlet for donation or sale

- Suggestions and pricing for repair or restoration options

- Information on how to care and maintain the items




Ms. Miller does not buy any property, but she often advises clients looking to sell or donate property ranging from a single piece to a large collection. She will identify how and when the client should sell in order to realize the highest profit, or potential institutions which may be interested in accepting such a donation.

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