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Expert Appraiser of Clothing and Fashion

Deborah Miller is a leading expert appraiser of couture,  vintage fashion and textiles. Her clothing and fabric appraisals have been showcased on PBS's Antiques Roadshow.


Her clients include universities, charitable institutions, and private donors to museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Royal Ontario Museum, FIT and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Deborah Miller provides written appraisals of vintage and contemporary clothing, textiles, and costumes for private clients for the purpose of insurance, estate valuation,  and charitable contributions for tax purposes. Learn more about her credentials.

She also offers brokering services to assist collectors in placing their property in museums or monetizing their collection.

Professional Fashion & Clothing Appraisal Services:

As an experienced and credentialed appraiser of clothing, fashion, textiles, and fabrics, Deborah Miller can provide:

  • Estate Appraisal: Fair Market Value

  • Non-cash Charitable Contribution Appraisal: Fair Market Value

  • Insurance Coverage Appraisal: Replacement Value

  • Insurance Claim: Replacement Value

  • Sales Potential: Marketable Cash Value

"I have known and worked with Deborah since she started her business. She has extensive knowledge of both historic and modern textiles and clothing, including couture. She is extremely thorough and professional and is especially resourceful when it comes to unique properties and challenging appraisal assignments. Working with Deborah is a genuine pleasure and always a learning experience."

-Titi Halle, Owner, Cora Ginsburg Gallery, New York

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