Consultation & Market Analysis

When a formal, legal appraisal document is not necessary, Ms. Miller is pleased to offer a variety of specialty services which are informal and economical alternatives. Such services are not intended for insurance, court or legal purposes. Below are examples of various situations where these consultations may be confidently used.

In handling an estate, is it best to have a professional appraiser assess the market value of the estate's contents. You will either need to divide them equitably in some way, sell them off and liquidate, or donate them to charity for a tax deduction, or, a combination of these. Clothing and textiles are often overlooked or under-valued by general estate appraisers.

Professional Opinion of Value
For clients with items of value less than $1500, Ms. Miller recommends a verbal Professional Opinion of Value (POV). The client is responsible for sending excellent detailed images of the item(s), noting holes and damage, size, etc. Supporting family documentation or original receipts are also immensely helpful. Ms. Miller will give a verbal professional opinion of the item including its date, information about it, current value range, and supporting references.

Walk-through Consultations
For a large number of items, Ms. Miller offers a "walk-through" consultation. She will travel to the estate, view the items and give a professional assessment of those pieces the client wishes addressed. This may be an entire closet of "vintage" clothes and furs, a trunk full of Southeast Asian textiles purchased on trips, a 19th century school-girl embroidery sampler, a kimono, a collection of beaded purses and hair combs, antique linens, or a family coverlet passed down through generations. Indeed, all may be in the same estate, and all fall within Ms. Miller's specialty.

Market research and analysis
If the client desires, items of greater value may warrant a brief written analysis with market research. A market research report may include any combination of the following as the client desires:

- Interpretation of market trends
- Review of auction and retail prices
- Recommendations as to the best outlet for sale
- Suggestions and pricing for repair or restoration options
- Information on how to care and maintain the items

In addition, Ms. Miller can contact appropriate auction houses or dealers on behalf of the client.

Items of negligible value would not be included in such a report though recommendations for their dispersal or general care can be given. Ms. Miller prepares and writes all documents with privacy, the highest of professional standards, and with respect to the intended users and their needs.

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